VOTE #68808

Shown is a collection of nine drawings created by my youngest son Matthew, depicting his unique personal experiences.

Matthew has told me, that he sees the world through his eyes. It’s a world in which he was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of three. Over the years, he as been challenged by everyday activities that most of us take for granted – verbal communication, loud sounds, lights and personal contact.

His pencils, pens and paper have become the vehicle in which observation and expression pours through him, showing a perspective unadulterated. A perspective that seems only achieved when societal norms, which the majority of us feel obligated to settle for, are beyond reach. What he creates is pure and powerful.


For times in my life, when I’m overwhelmed by challenges that are beyond my control. When dealing with my own late-stage illness in which I’m trying to solve an unsolvable problem – I think of my son. Observing Matthew has helped me better understand what it takes and what it looks like to keep striving forward every day.

~ Tom Howing